Sunday, August 29, 2010

KCAI ANIM: Hunting and Gathering Project, Part 1

 This image was drafted on the front lawn of the Jannes library. I spent many great afternoons here in the past spring with someone very special to me. It is also a beautiful arboretum.


 The Cameo is the name of my family's land in the Catskill Mountains in New York. There are thirteen cottages on the property, and it is where we get together for our annual family reunions. I spent many wonderful summers here all throughout my life.


  1. Concept:
    Excellent. Both images represent excellent choices in content.

    Both compositions work, although the library image seems more balanced overall. The cabin image feels slightly off-center. The lower right half of the image feels too sparse in relation to the weight of the upper left portion. It's also interesting that it is from a birds eye view (as is often the case when drawing from memory).

    Excellent! Both images are lush and full of character. The actual drawings are quite good, with the library drawing being exceptional. The only element missing is a more dense tonality, which would further strengthen both images. There is contrast and shadow represented, but the scale from darkest dark to lightest light needs to be enhanced. Both images would "breath" even more with attention to this element. Excellent attention to detail overall.

    Following instruction:

  2. The cabin image is definitely off-center. Even though it was from a particular memory I should have chosen a better composition, especially because the image is not from a bird's eye view. It's actually being viewed from the top of a hill.